Downloadable Files:

1. Soring-Disgraceful Practice Continues-Part 1

2. Soring-Pressure Mounts To End Soring -Part 2

3. Soring-Serious Challenges To Ending Soring -Part 3

4. Soring-Turning Up The Heat On Soring -Part 4

Writers for the American Farriers Journal took home three awards from the American Horse Publications annual awards banquet and presentations held in New Orleans, La., on June 27.


Frank Lessiter, the magazine’s editor and publisher, took first place in the prestigious “Service To The Reader, Series,” category for his four-part look at soring in the Tennessee walking horse industry. Soring is an illegal practice in which horses are deliberately injured or subjected to pain — sored — in an effort to enhance the animated gait and motion that is prized by judges of shows for these horses. Soring has been outlawed for years, but persists in the industry.


“This is a stellar piece of work,” noted the judges of Lessiter’s efforts. “This series provides a comprehensive description of the problem, the challenges to correcting it, as well as the prospects for doing so.”


Judges praised the series as “thoroughly researched, written with precision, engaging the reader from the outset.”


American Farriers Journal also took a first place award in the “Instructional Single Article” category for a story by Pat Tearney, the magazine’s managing editor, entitled, “Common Sense, Regular Care Lengthen Tool Life.” Judges commended the use of “Excellent real-world numbers and experience,” and noted, “This is the kind of how-to story that readers can really learn from.”


Tearney also earned a second place in the “Service To The Reader Article” category for, “Softening The Blow,” a story on the development and use of a horseshoe designed to limit concussion damage from hard racetracks to the heels of racehorses.


American Farriers Journal, published by Lessiter Publications of Brookfield, Wis., is known as “The Hands-On Magazine For Hoof-Care Professionals,” and is the premier magazine of the hoof-care industry.


For more information or photos, contact Jeremy McGovern, American Farriers Journal associate editor at (800) 645-8455 or (262) 782-4480. Ext. 410 or e-mail jmcgovern@lesspub.com. The entire soring series is available for viewing in the features section of the magazine’s Web site at www.americanfarriers.com/ff/soring.