Brief Summary of the Interview:  HPA was put in place in 1970 by Congress due to public outcry regarding the soring of horses.  Seen mostly in walking and racking horse industry and has been going on for 40 years.  Enforced by working closely with the industry (a self policed industry).  Have inspectors go to horse shows for inspection of the horse prior to entering a class.  USDA oversees the industry and has vets go to shows for inspections.   Inspections are using more technology – thermography and foreign substance testing on horses legs looking for use of diesel fuels and mustard oils on the horses legs.  The effect on the industry is unfortunately an increase in violations due to using the better technology, better detection.  Overall progress?   Hard to say.  We (USDA) are doing as much as we can – doing more outreach w/farriers and vets.   Major changes?   More continuing education w/ farriers regarding shoeing techniques to get proper gait.   Can learn more @ www.usda.gov or google HPA.  Listen to the entire interview:  http://www.thehorse.com/Video.aspx?vID=335