Tennessee Walking Horse

Breyer, home to the world’s finest model horses, changed their Tennessee Walking Horse model from a big-lick version of Midnight Sun to a flat-shod example of Bluegrass Bandit.

Breyer has produced a new version of a walking horse--"Bluegrass Bandit." Several online sites petitioned Breyer to change the "big lick" look of the TN walker as portrayed by the "Midnight Sun" mold.  In Nancy Young's book on Breyer Molds and Models, she writes that, "The Breyer model, with its built-up shoes and brilliant 'big-lick' gait, misrepresents the real "Midnight Sun," who, like typical walking horses of his time, went flat-shod and did not have the extreme action displayed by . . . later generations. . . . the owners (of Midnight Sun) were delighted to have their horse portrayed by Breyer but did not inspect the model to approve it prior to release."  pp. 258-9, Schiffer Publishing LTD, 5th ed. 1999.